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These downloadable items are from various sources as noted. If you have a video, program or other files that you would like to submit for posting in this section, please email them to


Salmon Video

381K: This is a must see!! It is a television commercial for "John West Salmon" that features a man stealing a salmon from a bear.

Fishin Aint So Bad

835K: This is a great Flash video from AtomFilms.

Duck Hunt Video

2,705K: This is an entertaining television commercial for "Wood Pecker Beer" that features 3 British duck hunters getting attacked by the ducks.


5,164K: This is a very nice ballistics program by Dave and Bob Yeater that calculates trajectory, wind deflection, bullet energy and much more. This information is a must for shooters and hunters alike. The file is in Zip format so Right-Click on the link to download it, then unzip it with any unzip utility and run the "SETUP.EXE" file to install the program.